Below are select quotes from colleagues and friends who have some nice things to say about their work with Richard. If you have a directing inquiry, please use contact Richard using the form on the home page.

I have rarely worked with such a positive, creative force as Richard.  He is supremely talented, but relies as much on his heart and his instinct as he does on his skill.  He is what I call “a teaching director.”  He doesn’t sit and wait for the actors to impress him, which I have always felt is the lazy director’s way of getting out of the birthing part of the work.  On the contrary, if he doesn’t see what he wants, he can teach his actors how to deliver the nuance, history, depth, or the detail for which he searches.  In my opinion, he is one of Broadway’s best kept secrets.

— Victoria Clark
Tony Award Winner

It has been my professional privilege to know and work with Richard for more than 9 years.  He is highly respected, both personally and professionally, in the industry and has a strong reputation as an extremely gifted and talented director and performer in the professional community.  On a strictly personal note, it has been a joy to know and work with Richard over the years; not to mention, that he has received some of the finest notices of any director I have employed.  Richard also possesses an unbelievable talent to inspire great performances.  He allows actors a safe working environment and the ability to take chances and exceed beyond their own expectations. This all adds up to a strong, creative and rewarding experience for all members of the creative team.

— Van Kaplan
Producer; Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera

What would I ever have done without Richard?  He came to me as a life force of a director…encouraging, teaching, stretching and affirming.  He was the first director to ever take a chance and hire me as a leading lady which opened up complete new career opportunities for me.  I am forever grateful for his unconditional belief in my talent.  I am just waiting for him to call so we can work together again!!

— Beth Leavel
Tony Award Winner

I have worked with Richard Sabellico on my one-woman shows, both spoken and sung.  I found him invaluable in deepening the underpinnings of the script and in clarifying structure.  He is a dedicated artist and doesn’t rest until his standard of excellence is anchored in the work.

— Tovah Feldshuh
Multiple Tony Award Nominee, Television, Film actress and Cabaret Chanteuse

Richard Sabellico makes whatever cast he’s working with feel like a family, like they’ve known each other for years. No matter how long or how short the rehearsal period, the actors involved are part of a strong ensemble team that assist each other, and enjoy it.  

— Karen Ziemba
Tony Award Winner

Richard directed one or two shows each year at my theatre for 10 years. They were invariably our biggest money makers and crowd pleasers. He always got the job done on time and on budget often under difficult circumstances. Most amazingly, he was always a gentleman no matter how much pressure he was under and always had the company’s respect and admiration. I would hire Richard anytime anywhere. He knows musicals. He knows what makes them tick. If you want a musical success at your theatre hire Richard and sit back and count the money. 

— Tony Stimac
Executive Producer; Helen Hayes Theatre Company; Founder; Musical Theatre Works

First of all, Richard  loves  the  theatre.  Richard loves actors and  the  process.  He knows  what  collaboration  is  and  practices  it.  He has a  sense  of  humor.  And he shares it.  He  has  an  appetite  for the  nuts  and  bolts  of  putting  a  show  on.  He  truly  is  an  expansive  and  life  affirming  worker  in  the  world  of  theatre.  To  be  in  the  same room  with  him  is  a  joyful  and  rewarding  experience.

— Louis Zorich
Broadway Actor and Television Star

Over the course of 14 years, it has been my great fortune to work with Richard on no less than 4 productions and without question, they have been some of the most entertaining, enriching and productive experiences in my career. Among his many remarkable talents is the ability to appear completely casual and intensely professional at the same time, a combination that speaks to his confidence, his respect for actors and his love of the art form. Working with him raises the bar on both responsibility and capability. Self-doubt and laziness are the barriers to truly inspired entertainment. Richard is their sworn enemy.

— Michael Berresse
Two Time Tony Award Nominee

Richard’s production of “I Can Get It For You Wholesale” was a vivid and brilliant reimagining of the original production.  He is resourceful, smart, and inventive and was a pleasure to work with.  And I would do so again and again.

— Jeffrey Richards
Broadway Producer. August: Osage County, Blithe Spirit, Fiddler...

Richard Sabellico is a theatrical miracle worker.  His challenge, in my case, was to stage a vintage Broadway musical (Baker Street) that originally had a cast of 34,into an off-Broadway Theatre with a cast of 11 actors.   Richard not only made it happen, but did so magnificently, making three dancers in one scene appear like a large gang of urchins on a crowded London street.  In 2007, I was honored for writing the play by the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, a great many of whom had seen Richard’s staging, and marveled at it.  Thank you, Richard.  

— Jerome Coopersmith
Broadway Playwright; The Apple Tree, Baker Street et al

Every once in awhile you have a theatrical experience which lingers on in the memory, as fresh and vibrant as the time you performed it. Such was my experience with Richard Sabellico when he directed me as Tony in THE MOST HAPPY FELLA, at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera.

With seven days to bring the piece to fruition, Richard came prepared and immediately put us at ease with his humor and confidence.  The result was a production that was successful in every sense of the word; artistically, critically and financially.

Having been an actor,  Richard understands process and has keen insight into the human condition of his actors and the characters we are portraying.  He gave me confidence to be daring in my performance as Tony and I still feel somewhat awed at the work we accomplished in such a short time.

— Conrad John Schuck
Broadway and Television Actor

Richard Sabellico brings so much joy to his work.  He has great energy and passion and always supports fun along with creativity in the rehearsal room.  I loved working with him and would do it again in a heartbeat

— Carolee Carmello
Two Time Tony Nominee & Drama Desk Winner

Over the years, Richard has sent many of his students to me with lists of songs for them.  Many of them are also students of mine.  I’m always impressed with his ability to pick out wonderful material that is appropriate for the students.  Many of my students have taken Richard’s class, often at the same time they’re working with me.  I have heard nothing but glowing reports about the work he does with them on acting their songs, always getting results.  If I was an actor, I’d certainly be taking Richard’s class.

— Michael Lavine
Musical Director and Sheet Music Expert

I have had the pleasure to work with Richard Sabellico a number of times, both as producer (at the York Theatre Company) and as designer (at other theatres).   He is charming, talented, and wise—a combination which one hopes for in a director and seldom finds.  I recommend him and his work; I should also mention that you will have a good time in the process.    

— James Morgan
Producing Artistic Director, The York Theatre Company, NYC

Having cast several shows with Richard, I’m always delighted to get the call to work with him again.  His unbridled enthusiasm, extensive knowledge of the theatre and great respect for the actors he works with translate into a terrific casting experience and a top-notch cast. His innovative direction challenges the actor to delve deep within their creative resources thus producing their best possible performance.

— Carol Hanzel
Casting Director and Veteran Broadway Performer

As a director and teacher, Richard has a way of getting more out of people than they would think possible. When I was working with him, I couldn’t believe what he was expecting from some cast members, and he got it! He makes a strong demand, and at the same time gives them an opportunity to find what they need internally, all without a whole lot of fussing and with a deep understanding of the human condition. When I brought Richard to my class at NYU for a mock audition, the feedback he gave the students alone was worth the course! 

— Germaine Salsberg
Tap and dance teacher/choreographer/dance coach