Audition Therapy for the Musical Theatre

Since 1991, this class is unique because it not only deals with the practical preparations for showcasing the actor’s
abilities in an audition situation, but with the mental preparation as well.  The actor is taught how to keep their power
and focus on the work instead of the outcome.  Offering day and evening classes, the course runs 4 weeks with one
session per week.  Each class lasts approximately 3 hours.  There are no more than 6 students per class, allowing at
least ½ hour of practical work and 2 1/2 hours of observation.  Each class member is given 12 new songs, specifically
tailored to their needs by the instructor.  

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1986: Directed “Gypsy” at Syracuse University
   & taught Master Classes, Dance,
   Musical Scene Study and Auditioning

1993: Directed “Wonderful Town” at S.M.U.
    & taught Masters Clasess
   Worked with designers William and Jean Eckert

1998: Directed "New Girl in Town"
       & taught Master Classes at Marymount College

2000: Directed “Anything Goes” at Penn State University

2003:Directed Pre-Broadway Try-out of “Doctor Dolittle” at Carnegie-Mellon
       & taught Senior Master Classes.

2006: Directed “The Boy Friend” at Penn State University
        & taught Senior Performance Class

1988: Artistic Director; Mt. Washington Valley Theatre Co.

1991-1997: Associate Artistic Director;  American Jewish Theatre

1997-2001: Associate Artistic Director; Jewish Repertory Theatre